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Head of Department: Assoc. Prof. Ph.D. Ivanka Petrova

Laboratory "Technology of grain preservation"

  • carries out scientific and scientific-applied work, related to the preservation and the quality of grain;
  • carries out studies on the structural and technological characteristics of new grain varieties and develops technological processing methods;
  • makes specialized analyses, related to the recognition of new grain varieties;
  • carries out investigations on the dynamics of the heat and mass transfer processes during preservation and processing of grain;
  • proposes new technical-technological energy-saving and ecological solutions for active ventilation and low-temperature drying of commodity grain and sowing seed;
  • carries out scientific and implementation activity for expanding of the product range and the effective use of raw materials;
  • renders scientific-technological assistance for grain preservation;

Laboratory "Technology of grain and bread products"

  • carries out scientific-research and scientific-applied activity in the field of the technology, quality and safety of the grain, flour and bread products;
  • carries out experiments on the technological characteristics of wheat varieties, subject of approval, included in the agro-ecological network of the State varieties commission;
  • develops and implements technologies for production of specialized flours of wheat, corn, rye, triticale and soya;
  • carries out scientific-research and scientific-applied activity in the field of bread production, related to the development of new technologies and bread and baker's goods assortments;
  • investigates, studies and recommends for use in bread production of various types of raw materials and additives, flours, bread yeast, fats, emulgators, oxidizers, enzyme preparations and others;
  • studies the baking characteristics of grain in connection with the study of the crop quality and the Bulgarian wheat varieties;
    renders scientific-technological assistance to bread production;



The ICFT is granted an institutional accreditation for Ph.D. education for six scientific subjects: Heat physics and hydrodynamics, Technology of fish and meat products, Technology of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, Refrigeration technology of foodstuffs, Technology of biologically active substances and Technology of processing and storage of grain, grain products and mixtures.

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1407 Sofia, Bulgaria

53 Cherni Vrah Blvd.

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