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The Institute of Cryobiology and Food Technology (ICFT) was created 1-st  of January 2001 by integration of the Institute of Cryobiology and Lyophilization (founded 1973), the Institute for Cereal Foods and Forage Industry (founded 1956),  the Institute of Brewing and Hop Industry (founded 1956),  the Facility for Development and Implementation of Ionizing Emissions,  the Facility for Development and Implementation of Biologically Active Substances  and  the Institute of Meat Industry. The ICFT is an organization for scientific investigations, applied research, extension  service and auxiliary activity in the field of cryobiology and lyophilization, food and beverage technologies, foods and beverages quality and safety , foods irradiation  and biologically active substances for plant-growing, in the frames of the competence of the Agricultural Academy. The research and investigation are carried out by 4 sections with own laboratories, 2 separate laboratories and 2 sectors.

In the field of Cryobiology and lyophilization carries out biophysical and thermo-physical investigations on a cellular and molecular level for establishment of the mechanisms related to the stability of plant and animal organisms in cases of cryogenic and low temperature treatment, studies the mechanisms of cryoprotection and implements new types of cryoprotectors to increase the quality and prolong the preservation term of the lyophilized biological materials, develops, tests and implements technologies for production of biopreparations for the medical and the veterinary-medical practice, develops prescription formulas, technologies, indexes and technological documentation for lyophilized and specific foods and functional bioproducts for healthy, prophylactic, protective nutrition and nutrition in extraordinary conditions, carries out lyophilization of sample food lots, bioproducts and biopreparations for various purposes, including such of external consumers.

In the field  of Technology of foods of plant origin carries out scientific and scientific-applied work, related to the preservation and the quality of grain, technology, quality and safety of the grain and baker’s goods, studies the quality characteristics of the different grain types, provides specialized analyses in connection of new varieties approval, develops and implements technologies for production of specialized flours of wheat, corn, rye, triticale and soya, carries out scientific-research and scientific-applied activity in the field of bread production, related to the development of new technologies and bread and baker’s goods assortments, develops and implements new specialized grain-based foods for healthy nutrition, investigates, studies and recommends for use in bread production of various types of raw materials and additives, flours, bread yeast, fats, emulgators, oxidizers, enzyme preparations and others.

In the field of Technology of foods of animal origin carries out scientific and scientific applied activity on the technology, the quality and the safety of the meat products, eggs, milk, dairy products and fats, develops and implement technologies for processing of meat and eggs, creates new meat and eggs-based assortments for mass and specialized nutrition, studies the influence of various factors on the quality of milk and dairy products, makes biochemical analyses of the lipid composition of milk, meat, fats and foods of plant and animal origin, renders scientific-technological assistance and consulting to enterprises and companies for processing of meat, eggs products and for manufacturing of dairy products.

In the field of Technology of beer and drinks carries out scientific-research, scientific-applied activity and scientific service in the field of the technology, the quality and the safety of brewing barley, hops, malt, beer, spirituous and soft drinks, studies the brewing-technological characteristics of new European and Bulgarian varieties brewing barley, develops and implements technologies for production of malt, beer, malt and hops-based foods and beverages, soft and spirituous drinks, makes analyses of brewing barley, malt and beer; analyses of brewing water, hops and hops products, substitutes of malt, wort, enzyme preparations, filtration and stabilizing  substances and beer, carries out investigations, assessment and maintenance of a collection of  brewing yeast strains, provides pure cultures brewing yeast strains to the brewing industry, carries out microbiological analyses of brewing raw materials, beer and soft drinks.

In the field of Meat, meat products and fish performs scientific and applied research in the field of quality and safety of meat products; Qualitative and quantitative determination of raw materials of animal origin; performs physico-chemical, microbiological, biochemical and organoleptic tests on raw materials and products of animal origin: meat and meat products, fish and fishery products; creates new assortments of meat based for mass and specialized nutrition by treatment with extracts and supplements; conducts biological experiments with experimental animals to predict the effect of taking the new formula formulas; creates and optimizes models for meals based products in the prevention of socially significant diseases; develops and coordinates technological documentation for the legalization of new assortments; researches, investigates and implements new technologies in the food processing industry.

In the field of Biologically active substances for plant-growing develops technologies based on biologically active substances for stimulating the growth and bio-protection of cultivated plants, increasing of the yields and the quality of the agricultural cultures, accomplishes extension service for innovation and implementation of biologically active substances into agriculture, gives consultation to the firms, enterprises, cooperatives, farmers on the subject of growth regulation, yields, biological protection.

The ICFT is granted an institutional accreditation for Ph.D. education for six scientific subjects: Heat physics and hydrodynamics, Technology of fish and meat products, Technology of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, Refrigeration technology of foodstuffs, Technology of biologically active substances and Technology of processing and storage of grain, grain products and mixtures.

The Institute has very substantial contribution for the development of modern food technologies, quality and safety of food and drinks in Bulgaria. ICFT elaborated the space menu for the missions of Bulgarian cosmonauts, which made Bulgaria the third country in the world,  in possession of such technology. More than 60 lyophylized functional foods have been developed for improvement of the healthy status of population, lyophylized biostimulants dedicated for sportsmen, healthy and sick persons, for prophylactic and medication of metabolite diseases,  lyophylized foods for patients with gluten enteropaty, inhibitors of cancerogeneses, medicinal drinks.  More than 50 technologies have been created for ordinary, original, special, luxury, low alcoholic, non alcoholic, herbal and wheat beers. Technologies and new brands sterilized, dried, frozen, dietary and functional foods, technologies for grain storage, technologies for processing of special flours and ray-wheat, dietary and prophylactic breads, technologies for special meat delicacies, semi-manufactured poultry products have been created. A series of medical and veterinary medical products and biologically active substances for plant-growing have been developed. Many of them are patented.           


The ICFT is granted an institutional accreditation for Ph.D. education for 4 scientific subjects: Technology of fish and meat products, Technology of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, Technology of biologically active substances and Technology of processing and storage of grain, grain products and mixtures.

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